Tighten the abdomen area and get the setback 

Many people in general around the world want to enjoy a fit and harmonious athletic body, have a tight abdominal area and have attractive Six Pack muscles, and so they start following diets and exercising, but many of them are unaware that each of us has Indeed, the Six Pack muscles, but they are not visible and hidden under the accumulated fat in the upper abdominal area, so in order to highlight it, this lumpy fat must be removed. 

The 6 most important tips to get a Six Pack Six Pack


People usually eat three meals a day, which is breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is actually a number that exceeds the body’s need for food. It works to gain weight that is formed in the form of fat, which in turn hides the muscles of the sex pack, and accordingly, it can dispense with A person avoids dinner, or does not eat it on a daily basis, which means fewer calories enter the body. We also point out here that adopting intermittent fasting or not eating for periods of time; stimulates the secretion of certain types of hormones that directly help in losing weight, such as the hormone leptin, which is responsible for releasing energy from fat cells, which means more fat removal, and accordingly, the setback muscles will begin to appear gradually due to Low percentage of body fat. 

Do cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are one of the most important ways to help get six-pack muscles, especially when they are practiced on an empty stomach; That is, before eating anything, as it becomes more effective in burning the accumulated fat in the abdominal area, so it is preferable to do it in the early morning, as the body is forced to use the fact that the body has stored as energy in the exercise, and we also point out that a number of amino acid supplements; Where the body uses it as compensation for the lack of sugar. 

Do cardio ExercisesWe point out that among the types of cardio exercises that can be practiced are fast running, or free running, with the need to be careful not to do heavy exercises on an empty stomach, such as squats.

Abdominal Exercises are Useless

The appearance of the Six Pack muscles on the abdominal area depends mainly on a diet and a small percentage of exercise, so doing abdominal exercises alone will not help, but it helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles, and increasing the endurance capacity in the body, so work must be done to reduce the percentage Calories that enter the body, and cardio exercises that burn a high percentage of fat, knowing that this can be used with a mobile application dedicated to calculating the calories consumed daily. 

The Number of Meals Eaten Does not Make a Difference

Some believe that eating more meals on a daily basis will help them lose weight, but it is wrong. There is no relationship between increasing meals and losing weight, so instead of that, you should start eating the meals that the body needs at the right time; which is the time after completing the cardio exercises; Given that the body needs calories, so that the meal is a bit large and not exaggerated, with the aim of losing weight instead of gaining it. As for not exercising and staying seated; The opposite must be done; So that a small meal is eaten since no energy is required. 

Build a Strong Body

A person who wants to get six-pack muscles must have a strong body; So that it does not have a lean and slender body and a divided abdomen, and accordingly it comes without the strength exercises that must be done, and we mention them: squats, pull-ups, and deadlift, with the aim of making the body more cohesive, not to mention that these exercises will help in losing weight, Strengthening the trunk muscles.

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