About Fendi Bags

Shanz Fendi Bags is one of the most important types of bags that girls and women accept to buy; Due to its wonderful aesthetic specifications, it combines quality and elegance and is available in several different models, shapes, and colors; In a way that caters to all tastes of all age groups. 

The History of the Fendi Brand

Fendi is one of the most important international fashion houses and the most luxurious companies and brands that design luxury handbags. Fendi was founded in 1925 by Eduardo and Adele Fendi, as the name of the company is attributed to their family name. The company is owned by the parent company Louis Vuitton, and today Fendi owns 160 stores around the world distributed in 25 countries, and its headquarters is located in Italy, specifically in Rome.

Types of Fendi Bags 

Fendi Small Bags

Fendi bags are distinguished by their high quality and practicality, and in 2015 Fendi was one of the most important brands that introduced practical small bags; Whether from backpacks, handbags, or clutches, they appeared as decorations for large bags and an additional accessory to them.

Fendi Medium size bagsFendi Medium Size Bags

Fendi medium-sized bags are distinguished by their practicality, and most of them are suitable for daytime outings; It holds the basic items you need when you’re out shopping, with your friends, or for work, and it popped up in 2017 and 2018.

Fendi Large Size Bags

If you are a fan of large and modern bags, and if you have many items that you cannot leave the house without taking with you; You should definitely choose large-sized Fendi bags to meet your needs, knowing that during the fall-winter 2020 period, large-sized Fendi bags were one of the most important fashion trends.

Fendi Travel Bags

Travelers often face many obstacles or problems that may cause their concern, as many of us struggle when we want to travel to choose a practical bag that can accommodate all luggage, in addition to the problems that an individual faces when shipping bags and moving from an airport to another; As it may be broken or damaged during the implementation of this, but Fendi, the quality of the bags that it offers, has been able to solve all the problems that you may encounter during your travel through the wonderful collections that it offers in different colors, sizes, and patterns; To suit your needs and add fun to your travels.

Fendi Cross BagsFendi Cross Bags

When a woman is exhausted at work and cannot carry something heavy on her shoulder, or go out shopping, or take a walk with her infant; She needs a practical bag to carry her luggage with her easily, and without fear of her falling or forgetting due to her busyness, so Fendi has provided high quality and practical bags to enable you to move smoothly and without worries.

Fendi Backpacks

If you carry a lot of luggage while on the go, and if you like to have something to drink and eat in the morning while walking to university or work; It will certainly be difficult for you to carry a shoulder bag: so you need a backpack that accommodates your luggage, and one of the most important and practical bags in your life that Fendi offers with high-quality material is the backpack.

Fendi Practical Bags

All Fendi brand bags are practical, but there are some bags that you can repeat with different fashion trends in seasons and with many different looks, and they are characterized by their durability for daily use and can accommodate many purposes, and most of them come in the form of a handle with a rope that you can put on your shoulder.

Fendi Kids Bags

Children need many purposes while accompanying them outside with you, and certainly, you will need a complete and integrated bag that accommodates all of your child’s belongings while traveling with you, so Fendi offers you, dear mother, a bag that accommodates all the necessities that you need while out with your child that you will need to use, and you can carry it with you Where do you go with ease?

Fendi Bags Models

We present to you, dear, the 2021 collection of Fendi bags, which are:

  • Large Large Size Leather Run Away Handbag with FF Logo.
  • By The Way Boston medium size bag.
  • Easy 2 small bags.
  • Medium-sized glossy leather bag, combining leather and canvas.
  • Sunshine handbag in two sizes and comes in two sizes large and medium.

Fendi Bags Features

  • If you are looking for the address of glamor and fashion, Fendi bags offer you these features in different sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • They come in different sizes, shapes, and sizes.
  • Individual baggage needs vary and Fendi has you covered.
  • Offers men’s and women’s bags.
  • The Fendi bag remains for long periods of time without any changes in it; And so with its good use.
  • All bags are made of genuine leather made with great care.

Fendi Bags Prices

Fendi bags have many features, but the worst aspect maybe its high price for many individuals, but this is due to the high quality and luxury that Fendi bags possess, as the value of the lowest bag is $ 550, and the most expensive bag is $ 4345.

Fendi Bags Cleaning

Many may find it difficult to clean genuine leather bags, but you can easily clean a Fendi bag by mixing a few drops of cleaning soap with two cups of warm water, dampening a cloth with this mixture and wiping the bag with it, then drying the bag by bringing a clean cloth Dry and wipe lightly.

The Difference Between The Original Fendi Bags and The Imitation

Many women may find it difficult to distinguish between original and fake bags, but Fendi brand bags help you distinguish; And that is through the texture of the bag, as the original Fendi bags have a distinctive and high-quality texture that is difficult to imitate, and they also have hand-made geometric details with high accuracy, so try to focus on the details, in addition to the delicate sewing and uniform stitches that are difficult to imitate, and there is a special watermark for the brand Finally, try to buy the bag from the Fendi brand store, and avoid buying online except trusted sites.

Buy and Sell Fendi Bags On The Open Market

Madam, you can now get Fendi bags easily and quickly through the open market website; The first pioneer in the field of classified ads, in addition to the ability to advertise your items for sale through it.

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