Basketball is one of the most popular and fun football sports known around the world, and the audience follows it with enthusiasm, as it is played between two teams; So that each team consists of only five players, on a specific area of ​​the ground, which is the stadium, and each team seeks to score points in the opponent’s basket and prevent the opponent from scoring in his own basket, and it is managed by: the match referee, table administrators, and a delegate, In the end, the team that scores the most points will win. 

Basketball Court Equipment

There are several things and rules that must be taken into account when talking about the equipment of the basketball court: 


One of the conditions of the playing field is that it be located on flat, solid ground free of obstacles, including team seats, which must be at least two meters away from the borders of the field, provided that it be 28 meters long and 15 meters wide, to be determined starting from the inner edges. For the playing field, and that the outer and inner borders are clearly drawn with a line width of 5 cm, and the centerline divides the playing field into two halves: 

The back area: which includes the team’s basket at the finish line; is three meters high, and the inner boundary of the scoreboard, in general, represents the team’s area. 

Front Zone: It is the second half of the stadium, which faces the back zone and the opponent team is present, and its basket is to be registered in.

Basketball Court Planning Rules

The centerline is drawn in the middle of the field, parallel to the end lines, and perpendicular to the sides lines so that it extends 15 cm outside them. A circle is drawn around this centerline, with a radius of 1.80 meters, measured from the outer edges of the circle. The color of the paint should be the same color as the forbidden areas.

The free-throw semi-circles are also drawn in the same way and sizes, but depending on the end line of the playing field, provided that their center is at the midpoints of the free-throw lines, which is parallel to the finish line. As for its dimensions, it should be 5.80 meters away from the finish line, and its length 3.60 meters, and it is 2.45 meters away from the center circle. 

Basketball Playing RulesBasketball Playing Rules

There are many laws that pertain to the way basketball is played, and the following are those laws:

  • The match lasts 40 minutes, divided into two halves; 20 minutes per half and one half is divided into two periods, each period of 10 minutes. 
  • The starting jump determines the team that owns the ball and has the first throw, and this jump is only in the first period of the match so that a player from each team advances towards the centerline, so the referee throws the ball up, and whoever rises high among the players to catch the ball first, his team has the right to possession The ball and the start of play the first and third periods, as for the second and fourth periods; The start will be with the second team. 
  • start pass; So that the player must stand outside the limits of the court, with his feet on each side between the extension of the centerline opposite the scoring table, and he has the right to throw the ball anywhere on the field, whether backward or forwards.
  • There is a two-minute break between the two periods of each set, while the break between the first and second halves is 15 minutes.
  • The coach of the two teams can request a time-out that does not exceed 50 seconds, between the first and third periods. As for the last period, two time-outs can be requested for each team, which is announced by a long whistle from the referee. 
  • The coach may substitute any player from his team, but only after notifying the scorer, provided that the ball is stopped and not in play. 
  • A player may not remain for more than three seconds under the opposing team’s basket while his team is in possession of the ball, in what is known as the three-second rule. 
  • A player is allowed to possess the ball and maneuver with it if the opponent is applied to him for a period not exceeding five seconds.
  • The ball must be moved across the court between back and front within a period not exceeding 8 seconds.
  • The team has the right to possess the ball for a period not exceeding 24 seconds, as it must shoot at the opponent’s basket during this period, and lose its right to play if it exceeds it, as the ball passes to the opposing team.
  • If the player shoots at the basket and the ball bounces back and the same team catches it, they will be credited with 24 new seconds. If it bounces off the board and is picked up by the same shooting team; Play continues and the remaining 24 seconds for the team are counted. 
  • A player who commits 5 personal or technical fouls is disqualified and may be substituted within 30 seconds. 
  • The opposing team is entitled to two free throws; If the first team committed five mistakes against them during the period.
  • The referee must go to the scoring table to report the type of foul committed, the number of the player who committed it, the number of throws, and the direction of play. 

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Mathematical Fault Laws

There are different types of sporting errors committed while playing basketball, and each of them is dealt with in a special way, and a penalty is usually a number of free throws in favor of the opposing team, with the opponent taking possession of the ball, and these errors are:

  • Personal errors: caused by the player’s contact with the opponent’s player.
  • Non-Sports Fouls: They are intentional and unlawful such as; hitting or kicking and others.
  • Disqualification False: Any unsportsmanlike behavior of the player, coach, or reserve towards the referees, or the other team.
  • Technical error: It is either from the player or the coach, and it relates to the behavior and behavior of the player or coach with the referees, the opponent, and even the audience.
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