Establishment of BMCE Bank in Morocco

BMCE Bank was established in Morocco in 1959 by the public authorities, and it is the first Moroccan bank to open a branch in Europe, after opening an agency in Paris, and in 1995 the bank was privatized and transferred to the private sector, and since then, many developments have taken place on the bank and his work; As the bank’s capital rose to 1.5 billion dirhams, it was also able to obtain many international awards.

BMCE Bank services in Morocco for individuals



It is one of the bank cards that belong to the category of premium cards, which gives the customer the ability to withdraw and pay bills, whether inside or outside Morocco, and can benefit from its high ceiling to obtain greater flexibility in financial amounts, and better pay financial needs, and this card also contains a system Securicard for insurance, which increases the level of security, which in turn protects the customer from exposure to fraud. The insurance services provided by the card can be used during travel, which includes medical and legal services.

BMCE Platinum Mastercard

This card can be used inside or outside Morocco, and it provides customers with the ability to withdraw cash, and pay purchase bills with a very high ceiling. The customer can also benefit from the tourism services it provides; Where it is possible to enter the VIP halls in an unlimited number, and in a large number of countries in the world, such as France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands, and the cardholder receives discounts on travel tickets, hotel accommodation, and transportation services, in addition to that. The customer receives a discount rate at international shops, e-commerce sites, and many insurance services, which include: purchase protection insurance against theft or damage, protection against fraudulent expenses and card loss, and insurance for theft or assault when withdrawing cash from ATMs.

Bank Accounts

BMCE Bank in Morocco offers a range of bank accounts, through which funds can be better managed, the most important of which are:

  • The account on the ledger: It is what is known as a savings account, through which money is saved and deposited and profits are obtained. It also enables the user to benefit from the financial liquidity in the bank at any time, and it can also be joint so that the whole family can save in it.
  • The account on the check: It is the bank account that allows customers to benefit from money at any time, and it is known in other countries as the current account, or the basic account. Money can be withdrawn by visiting the same bank branch, or ATMs, and the customer gets On a free checkbook to facilitate dealing with money, pay purchase bills, and various expenses, and this account can be used to obtain advances.

Financing Programs

  • Car loan: The bank provides customers with the ability to obtain a loan of 85% of the price of the car, and it also covers insurance expenses during the first year of its purchase, and a plan is developed to repay the loan in a manner that is commensurate with the circumstances and income of the customer.
  • Home loan: Each of the employees, merchants or professionals can obtain a home loan, which enables them to obtain financing up to 100% of the value of the property or the cost of construction, and it is covered by the Mortgage Guarantee Fund, and it can also be used to expand or renovate the house, The loan is flexible; Where the installments are paid according to the circumstances and income of the client.

BMCE Bank Services in Morocco for Professionals

This bank offers a special set of banking services and financing solutions for professionals, the most important of which are:


  • Young contractors offer: Young contractors can take advantage of this offer, which is a strong partnership that helps them in the success of their project, and this service is free in the first year, through which customers in this category get a current account, a card for paying bills and cash withdrawal, and the ability to control the account The offer is also characterized by providing exemptions from the costs of commercial operations, such as transfers, check deposits, and deductions.
  • Investors offer: Investors can obtain this service, which helps them to manage their money professionally, and they can also benefit from it to obtain many privileges that include prices, exemption from bank expenses, and customers of this category pay simple fees that enable them to obtain a card Withdrawals, exemption from account management expenses, and exemption during national transfers in the bank’s internal accounts.
  • Retirees offer: the bank offers this offer to help this category of society in establishing new projects that help them meet their new needs. To the client’s home to provide the necessary first aid for 150 dirhams, and to send a nurse to the house in case of surgeries, and when needed, in addition to health transport between the regions of Morocco, and assistance in the event of death, and it also offers a set of loans that meet the needs of this category, and contribute to the implementation of their projects various, in addition to funding the graduate studies of the children.


  • Opale Card: This card is the ideal solution to avoid carrying large sums of money with customers. It facilitates the process of making purchases. It also provides customers with great flexibility in expenses. It is equipped with the latest security technologies that protect the customer from being exposed to fraud or theft. The card can perform the instant withdrawal process, view the account movement, and print the account statement for the last 10 bank transactions.
  • BMCE Business Card: It is a professional card whose credit ceiling is determined based on the activity of the customer, and it can be used inside or outside Morocco, and it enables customers to obtain large amounts of money either through cash withdrawals through ATMs, or by paying purchase bills. In shops and electronic sales sites, it is characterized by the ability to manage and control expenses, through the monthly statement of bank operations carried out by its holder.

BMCE Bank Services in Morocco for the Special Category

There are a number of BMCE Bank clients in Morocco who fall under the special category of clients; It provides them with a range of professional banking services and flexible financial solutions that meet their needs and desires, the most important of which are investment products, which are divided into:

  • Stocks and bonds: the financial markets can provide positive services that contribute to supporting the investment of this category of clients. Where the bank provides them with various services, which include: advice, speed of implementation, and reliability of the transaction, and this service contributes to achieving the best profits.
  • Products of collective investment agencies for movable values: The bank offers a set of investment products that are distributed over the assets of clients, and the bank works to invest money for clients of this category, for investment to contribute significantly to profit-producing projects, and to implement this, investment is diversified, and risks are distributed.