While searching for innovative workspace solutions, the Royal Bank of Canada realized there was also a major business opportunity by joining the Startup Magazine community.

The challenge: to scale up in key markets while maintaining meaningful customer relationships

The Royal Bank of Canada is driven by one goal: to help clients succeed and thrive in local communities.

The Bank prides itself on being a forward-thinking organization that experiments with different business models, working methods, new technologies and strategic partnerships. To keep pace with the pace of change around them and continue to offer exciting new opportunities to clients across their various business lines, it was clear that they had to rapidly expand the size of their agile project teams while maintaining a high focus and dedication to clients.

The Royal Bank of Canada has begun searching for a multi-market real estate solution that can enhance its role as a trustworthy, innovative and flexible business partner for its customers, provided that this solution meets the bank’s desire to place its work teams in dynamic workspaces that promote creativity, innovation and collaboration.

The solution: a unique opportunity that creates success for customers

With this goal in mind, the bank began to think of Startup Magazine, not only as a real estate solution provider, but as a strategic partner as well. Startup Magazine has a community of more than 400,000 members ranging from entrepreneurs to global corporations—all of whom can benefit from Royal Bank of Canada’s extensive commercial and financial expertise.

Niranjan Vivekananda, Vice President, Strategy and Commercial Banking, Royal Bank of Canada, sees a unique opportunity: RBC can use Startup Magazine as a way to bring their advisors and clients closer, working side by side, ready to connect business owners with higher-value solutions beyond services. traditional finance.

“Startup Magazine is an exceptional ecosystem that creates unique environments for companies and a spirit of collaboration.” “It makes sense for us to be a partner in Startup Magazine and to be an active member of a community that is redefining success” – Vivekananda.

In September 2017, the Royal Bank of Canada launched advisory centers at its Startup Magazine sites in Toronto and Montreal—providing private financial and business support from its experts to Startup Magazine members.

Results: Strengthening our partnership

Strengthening our partnership

In a short time, the Royal Bank of Canada realized that Startup Magazine shared their goal of finding innovative solutions to the unique business problems faced by customers. “From our own experience, we know that a workspace can foster creativity and innovation as well as innovative thinking,” says Vivekananda. “Customers desperately need time and Startup Magazine is solving much of the confusion of finding office space and negotiating with building owners. With locations in major financial centers around the world, Startup Mag

azine will help RCBC corporate clients easily expand their teams in additional labor markets.

The partnership with Startup Magazine builds on the Royal Bank of Canada’s offering beyond banking: providing tools and solutions beyond traditional financial services. Together, Royal Bank of Canada and Startup Magazine offer unique ways to provide exceptional customer experiences, with flexible real estate solutions to support customer business growth.

A shared commitment to innovation and improving customer experiences

After the first successes in co-location for flexible teams at Startup Magazine in 2017, the Royal Bank of Canada’s presence in Startup Magazine has expanded significantly. Currently, Royal Bank of Canada and its National City Bank have more than 700 desks in seven major cities in Canada, the United States and Europe, and there are plans to continue expanding globally.

The RCBC team’s work alongside their clients has been invaluable. Our business and financial needs are better understood when we do this, says Vivekananda.

By advising Startup Magazine members on business, RBC employees gain a greater awareness and appreciation of the problems their customers face, which will lead them to develop effective solutions to those problems. “Our teams tell us that they are able to innovate and build appropriate solutions in collaboration with our customers, while they were previously providing exemplary solutions to unique business problems,” Vivekananda explains.

What started as a solution to help the Royal Bank of Canada expand into its business markets and connect more with customers, has turned into an ongoing, mutually beneficial strategic partnership.

Through this partnership with Startup Magazine, the Royal Bank of Canada brings more value to its customers and achieves exactly what it set out to do: help customers succeed and thrive in communities.

Key Features

  • 700 desks in seven cities in Canada, the United States and Europe
  • Ability to quickly adjust the size of teams in key markets
  • An innovative desktop design that encourages creativity and innovation
  • Integrated Partnership to Expand RBC within the Startup Magazine Community
  • Gain insights from individual work with Startup Magazine members
  • Startup Magazine provides businesses with workspace solutions of all sizes that solve their biggest business challenges.