Choosing travel bags is a rather difficult task, and depends mainly on the task required of it, not to mention that the types of travel bags available in the market are many, varied and very confusing, so it is necessary to follow some foundations and tips to choose suitable, comfortable, and good travel bags, to enjoy using them and not Regret later, to make the trip happy, the travel bag must be suitable, and to transport luggage easily, it is necessary to choose a spacious bag with great durability to bear.

In this article, we will discuss the most prominent and important aspects of travel bags as follows:

  • How to choose travel bags.
  • The importance of travel bags.
  • Types of travel bags.
  • Brands travel bags.
  • Travel bags for children.
  • Best travel bags for brides.
  • Tips when choosing travel bags.

Travel Bags

Travel bags are the essential element of any trip and any travel and travel process. Just planning to book a particular trip is accompanied by thinking about buying and preparing the bag. It is worth noting that buying travel bags is a difficult matter to choose, not to mention that the way to arrange and pack luggage is also difficult, so It is necessary to arrange priorities, and set goals, and it is good to read some instructions and tips related to this, and in this article, an overview of all this information.

The Importance of Travel Bags

The travel bag is of great importance, as on the one hand, it reflects the elegance and arrangement of the person, which made the companies specialized in the design of these bags attach great importance to their external appearance, which does not detract from the importance of their quality and durability, and on the other hand helps in assembling the basic and indispensable necessities in one place Organized and tidy in a way that ensures that the supplies are preserved throughout the trip, rather than the scattering and loss of items.

Types of Travel BagsTypes of Travel Bags

Travel bags have several types and models, some of which are large, which are used on long trips that require packing a lot of things, or used to pack supplies for a large family within one bag, or medium-sized travel bags that are suitable for short trips and tourism trips with limited days, Including the small size, which is called the hand bag, which is useful in carrying small, very important and necessary items that cannot be dispensed with even during the travel period, and this type can be boarded on the plane, as for the types of bags in terms of manufactured material, there are travel bags made of cloth Some of them are leather, and the other is a strong plastic, and some are nylon, and prices vary according to the type of material manufactured, and there are types of travel bags that are carried on the hand, and others with wheels, and some of them can be carried on the back, and the following is a list of the best types of bags that are issued Rated on Amazon:

  • Durable Spinner Bag from AmazonBasics.
  • Luggage bag with a lock.
  • Trolley travel bags from R and F 3 pieces.
  • AmazonBasics Trolley Travel Bags.
  • Track Trolley Travel Bag for Unisex.
  • Durable Spinner Bag from AmazonBasics.

Brands Travel Bags

DKNY Travel Bags


  • Distinctive design full of elegance and luxury is very practical.
  • Available in several sizes, including large, small, and medium, and a complete set can be obtained in three sizes.
  • The materials used in the industry are of very high quality.
  • It suits all tastes, as it is designed in distinctively modern ways.
  • The handles on the bag are sturdy and easy to use and make it easy to carry the bag.
  • Provides levers to control the movement of the bag.
  • Equipped with a digital lock to preserve privacy and protect it from theft.
  • Equipped with four wheels that facilitate its smooth movement in all directions, and on various surfaces.
  • The size of the bag can be increased by opening the additional zipper for expansion.
  • The bag has small interior pockets to keep papers and small and important documents.
  • There are luggage straps.

The Price

The price of DKNY travel bags is about 247 SAR for one set of bags.

Centrepoint travel bags


Centrepoint bags are available in many specifications and characteristics, good and high quality, and there are many shapes and types, there are Centrepoint bags with handles and leopard prints, there are bags with animal prints, and others are soft and lined bags with wheels.

The Price

The prices of Center Point bags range between 199 and 329 SAR, and prices vary based on size and specifications, of course.

Calvin Klein travel bags


Calvin Klein travel bags have many excellent specifications, most notably its reinforced fabric and strong arm, which can be controlled on three levels, not to mention its durable and distinctive handles, in addition to that it can be moved in all directions easily and with great flexibility, and it is worth mentioning the presence of a zipper For additional expansion, and the presence of a universal lock to preserve the items and their privacy, not to mention the presence of durable straps to secure the items inside the bag and prevent its mixing and movement during transportation of the bag.

The Price

The price of DKNY travel bags is about 2,415.00 riyals for one set of bags.

Louis Vuitton travel bags


The Louis Vuitton travel bags are famous for their famous monogram patterns, which are one of the most prominent symbols in the world. The designs of this brand are beautiful classic, carrying a lot of sophistication. These bags are available in many shapes and distinctive designs, and in many sizes suitable for different uses.

The Price

The price of large-sized luggage and trolleys from the brand Louis Vuitton is about 3,891 dollars, and prices vary according to the size, shape, and year of manufacture.

Red tag travel bags


Redtag is one of the famous and distinguished brands in the world of travel bags, which comes with many characteristics and features that make it very attractive. These bags come in many colors, sizes, and shapes. They are also equipped with locking systems for protection, and strong, flexible, and easy-to-move wheels.

The Price

The prices of the bags vary based on their specifications and sizes, and prices for this brand range from $90 and up to $3,000.

Ted Baker Travel Bags


Ted Baker travel bags come designed from the finest types of fabrics and materials, with modern designs to suit all tastes, and are available in many colors and sizes, large, medium, and small, as well as handbags, and are characterized by their endurance and quality despite frequent use, not to mention the presence of specifications The main ones are the luggage straps inside, the enlarged zipper to increase the space, and the digital lock to keep the belongings.

The Price

The price of DKNY travel bags is about 4,945.00 SAR for one set of bags.

Travel Bags For Kids

There are travel bags designed for children in the market, with distinctive colors and attractive famous cartoon graphics, not to mention their availability with high specifications, great quality, ease of use and drag, and it is good about them that their internal divisions are to distribute the items appropriately for easy extraction later.

Best Travel Bags for BridesBest Travel Bags for Brides

The best bridal travel bags are those that are characterized by strength and high quality, and it is recommended to choose good and famous brands, and it is necessary to combine modernity, elegance, and quality, and it is also recommended to choose the bag designed in a way that can be expanded through an additional zipper, in addition to choosing bags with secret numbers to keep Concerning the privacy of the possessions in it, not to mention choosing light-colored bags that are full of vitality and joy, is very important, and to distinguish bridal bags from other bags, you can decorate them with tulle and wrap them with colored inches to make them different and attractive.

Tips When Choosing Travel Bags

  • Determining the size of the necessary and indispensable items for the trip; In order to determine the appropriate bag size.
  • Choose a bag of high quality and durability, and do not compromise on that, because the bag is subjected to a lot of transportation and throwing in some airports.
  • Choose a suitable and beautiful color; As the color and shape of the bag reflect the elegance and taste of its holder.
  • Choosing a bag that is easy to carry, and in the case of large bags, it is recommended to choose bags with strong wheels and flexible movement in all directions.
  • Choose a bag with a lock to protect the privacy of your luggage.
  • If more than one bag is needed, it is recommended to purchase a complete set to make it easier to find them among the bags at the airport and to maintain elegance.
  • selection of expandable bags; Where there are types with zipper helps add space in a beautiful and practical way.

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