L’Oreal mascara is one of the best types of mascara in the global market at all, as it was produced by one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers, and presented in different shapes and models to suit the requirements of women of different tastes, and as we know that mascara is the main part in make-up, but most women are at a loss When choosing the right type for her and her eye shape.

The article talks about L’Oreal mascara, and it includes: 

  • About L’Oreal.
  • Loreal mascara.
  • Loreal mascara features.
  • The best mascara from L’Oreal.
  • The difference between the original L’Oreal mascara and the imitation.
  • Tips before buying mascara.
  • Disadvantages of loreal mascara.
  • Loreal mascara price.

L’Oreal Company

Most of the beauty companies in the world were founded by men and women who loved beauty and cosmetics, but L’Oréal is the only company that was established in a different way. Founded by Eugene Paul Louis Schuyler; He is a chemist who is fond of science, in the conciliator of July 3, 1909, and she focused her production on hair dye and its colors until it was modernized and developed with time and became one of the most important and largest cosmetic companies in the whole world, specializing in everything related to cosmetics, such as perfumes, Skincare, make-up, hair care products, sun protection creams, and other lotions, and in recent times it is active in the field of dermatology and is also the holder of the highest degree of the patent in nanotechnology entering the technology industry. 

L’Oreal Mascara

L’Oreal mascara is one of the most famous brands in the world, and it ranks as the fifth-best mascara in the world, and girls and women flock to it, although it is a bit expensive in most countries, it is suitable for daily use, and at any time, and is not harmful to the eyes, and gives a natural shape to the eyelashes and is not It is an ideal choice for everyone who wants to rely on a good mascara daily, due to its stability and unaffected by the weather, in addition to that it works to give a great length, nourishes and protects the eyelids and eyelashes because it is free of chemicals They contain nourishing oils, and help eyelashes grow and protect them from damage.

L'Oreal Mascara FeaturesL’Oreal Mascara Features

  • A good moisturizer for eyelashes: because it contains a good amount of water, and a moisturizing ingredient that helps maintain the moisture of the eyelashes and not break them, and it also contains nourishing eyelashes, to contribute to increasing their density with constant use.
  • Mascara for sensitive eyes: L’Oréal has designed a special mascara for people with sensitive eyes so that women can use mascara safely so that it does not cause any inflammation or pain.
  • Lengthening and intensifying eyelashes: The dream of every girl and woman is to have attractive eyes and fascinate everyone, so she needs a mascara that increases the length and density of her eyelashes in a striking and natural way, and L’Oreal has worked on this quality and developed it to satisfy and meet the needs of all women.

The best mascara from L’Oreal

L’Oreal mascara is one of the best options available to buy, it is unique, and is considered among the most popular in the market for its ability to meet most of the needs of women. It suits your use and taste, including:

L’Oreal Paradise Mascara

It is one of the best types of mascara, as it combines thickening and lengthening together in one package, as it comes with a brush with short, long, and dense bristles, which work on penetrating the bristles of your eyelashes, and deliver the mascara from the roots to the tips, and its formula is smooth and soft when applied On your eyelashes, and you can apply more than one layer, in addition to its formula that is able to enhance colors accurately and show the magic and attractiveness of your eyes.

L’Oreal Mascara with Castor Oil

It is a mascara with a formula rich in castor oil and other oils, so it enhances and gently envelops the eyelashes, helps increase its length and density, and keeps your eyelid moist, and it is easily washable without smudging, and its butterflies are very soft, so that you do not feel tight when applying it to your eyelashes If you have sensitive eyelids.  

L’Oreal Mascara Black and White

 The perfect and professional mascara from L’Oreal, it is a double extension with a double head, and it works to intensify and lengthen your eyelashes, and it is characterized by containing two heads, the first is white Ceramide R, which is the base, as it contains fibers that lengthen your eyelashes clearly and wonderfully, and the second head is with its patented brush An invention that distributes mascara evenly in rich color from root to tip, without clumping; To give you attractive and sparkling eyes to distinguish you on all occasions.

L’Oreal Volume Mascara

Mascara The patch has been tested by ophthalmologists to ensure its suitability and safety. 

L’Oreal Mascara for eyelash extensions

It has an immediate effect to raise and lengthen eyelashes, and it features a washable, bendable brush, and because of the possibility of bending the brush, this helps you reach every hair in the eyelashes and allows you to reach the inner and outer corners, and you can apply more than one layer of it, to increase the density of your eyelashes without It clumps, and has a smooth, stretchy formula that gives you a cool, bold look that lasts all day.  

L’Oreal Telescope Mascara

A telescope mascara that enhances the length and density of your eyelashes, which is unique for its rich and wonderful color, and its patented brush, with high flexibility and fine bristles, separates eyelashes accurately and easily, without any clumps, and is also allergy tested by ophthalmologists It is fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive eyes. 

Tips Before Buying Mascara

Choosing the right mascara is not an easy thing, and because we are keen on your comfort and time, and we want you to look the most beautiful, especially in terms of the beauty and attractiveness of your eyes; Here are some tips to help you buy the right mascara for your needs:

How to Choose the Type of Mascara 

You have to decide which type of mascara you need, and this is done based on how you spend your time; It determines whether you need waterproof mascara or not, for example, if you live in a humid environment, or you love to swim; They are the right choice for you.   

Choosing the Right Mascara Brush

The brush is the main tool for mascara, so you have to choose the right brush for you. For example, a straight brush gives full coverage that reaches small eyelashes, while a curved brush leaves your eyelashes heavy and upturned.

Choosing Mascara According to Eyelashes

Those with light eyelashes should choose the mascara that gives your eyelashes volume, density, and double length, using wide mascara and thick liquid, to ensure that you give the required density. Wonderful. 

Choosing Mascara According to EyelashesFor those with small or narrow eyes, you should choose a mascara that helps you expand and define the eyes beautifully, by choosing a wide brush to give you the desired length and density. Traditional eyelash curler.

Choose Mascara by Color

Before buying mascara, you should know the color of your eyes and skin; Because they are the ones that determine the color of the mascara that is right for you, as the black mascara gives luster and high concentration to your eye makeup, while the brown one is the best for a simple and natural look.

Choosing a Colored Mascara

 You have to know its use before buying it, for example, the black color is suitable with various forms of makeup, while the blue or green color is suitable with eyeshadow shades and clothes of the same color, which in the end gives you an attractive, charming and different look.

Mascara Smell

Be careful when buying mascara to make sure of its smell; So that it is good and not strange, by smelling its smell before buying it, and making sure that its texture is smooth and not lumpy, and its validity is not expired, in order to preserve the safety of your eyes, which is the way to detect whether it is counterfeit or not.

Choosing A Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

If you have sensitive eyes, or who wear contact lenses; You should be careful to buy thin mascara, and you should look at its components before you buy it; To ensure that they are especially for sensitive eyes, or intended for use when wearing lenses.

Choosing Where to Buy Mascara

Before you go shopping or go to a store to buy any cosmetics, especially mascara; To make sure that the store you want to buy from sells the best original brands, not imitations, in order to ensure the safety of your skin and the safety of your eyes.

Disadvantages of L’Oreal Mascara

  • Some types of L’Oreal mascara are not waterproof, which sometimes stain the eyes if the weather is wet, and they are not suitable for those who swim.
  • When the case is left open for a long time, it dries quickly.
  • Some mascara products are not suitable for those with sensitive eyes, or those who use contact lenses.
  • Sometimes the mascara clumps when applying it, when applying several layers, so it is not recommended to apply it a lot to avoid this.
  • Some types of L’Oreal waterproof mascara are difficult to remove and are not recommended unless necessary, in order to avoid plucking the eyelashes, because they do not remove easily.

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